Rajhrad Abbey



Opening time:


May - September
9.00 - 17.00 (except for Mondays)

October - April
9.00 - 16.00 hodin (except for Mondays)

Last entry into the museum 1 hour before closing time.

The main aim of  ORA ET LABORA FOUNDATION is to complete restoration of the Rajhrad Monastery  so it could be used in the future for humanitarian purposes. The first milestone is the restoration of the well-known library, designated to become the Monument of Literature in Moravia. There also will be facilities for study and research in the eastern part of the monastery premises.   All this  is being  accomplished by sensitively preserving the valuable baroque character of the buildings created by architect Giovanni Santini Aichl. This is done with the  cooperation  of the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic, Institute for the Preservation of Historical Monuments in Brno,  Brno Regional Office, Moravian Library  and Museum of Brno-country.

The most urgent repairs have been already completed (strengthening of the buildings foundations by concrete injections, stabilization of some walls, repair of trusses, replacement of gutters and down pipes (except of the church), and removal and reinstallation of the roof tiles.  All the  building work at the historical library was finished in 2000. In 2002 the larger part of the books (about 55000 historical volumes) was  returned to the refurbished depository. In 2003 the restoration of the library was completed . Also the library auxiliary is now available. From June to August 2004 the rest of the books (about 8000 volumes) was treated and deposited in the library lobby and in the main hall. 

So on 9th of September 2004 most books (more than 63000 volumes) have been returned to their original place. They were handed over by the director of the Moravian State Library back to the Benedictine Abbacy. The most valuable manuscripts remain in the care of Moravian State Library in air-conditioned vaults. 

The restored library was briefly open to general public during Days of European Heritage in September 2004.  

Nowaday the library is permanently opened to visitors (from 1st July 2005, when it was included in the tour of the Museum).


The new part of museum opened for public from 1st July 2008


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The main hall of the library in 1950 and 2004


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Photos: archive of  foundation